DAN-242-17-2516 W

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"Enkelin 503 068-line "

Ulrik Leire Larsen

Vater: "Halbbr. 781"
Super racer on rnarathon. Participated
only in 5 marathon races with the
folIowing prizes:
1e, 2e, 3e, 3e, 4e, including 3e nat. Karlsruhe,
Never mist her prize.
Now in the breeding loft.
in Verbindung mit "Super 1262"
Super racer and breeder,·
1e prov. Karlsruhe 700 km
6e prov. Freiburg 830 km
Mother at my loft:
1e prov, Hannover
1e prov. Dresden


Mutter: "Daughter 781"
12-888 sie fliegt u.a.:
3rd prov. Münster
1st acepigeon Longdistance prov.
1st acepigeon Longdistance regional
New foundation hen at my loft!
DAN 242-17-2516 is from the best racing birds
for Ulrik Lejre Larsen the recent years.
They are now both in the breedingloft.
Both parents are from the 068-line,
from the superbreeder DAN 033-05-0503
(son of Janssen basic cock 068).
And dam is also from THE OLD MEALY line.
Sire is 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the section and acepigeon -
dam is 1st acepigeon longdistance,
both in section and region.