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Hardy Krüger

Outstanding Daughter from Super Son
from Black Power Blue Sky with Miss Black .
Father is "Blue Sky"
1. Reserve Taube Kategorie
Weitstrecke Olympiade Nitra 2013
Miterringer 8. Platz
von Deutschland 2012
He is from base cock
"Black Power" & Brother "Black King"
2 x 1. & 3.,5.,16. prov. avg. + 5.000
"Blue Pearl" fahter 14. Final UK
over the channel
"Black Sky" 1. gg. 954 birds
& superbreeder
Mother is "Miss Black",
one of the best Million
Dollar Race breeders,
in 4 years time with
different cocks breeder
+ 60.000 US Dollar
winners 9.,13.,17.
final SAMDPR!