AU 2018 GFL-672 W

06723 16 6643VAbst

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"Golden Girl"

Orig. Ganus Fam. Loft USA

7e Place 250 miles
10e Place 200 miles
Father: "Kosmos"
bred from "Said in Spun Silver"
2 Place Winner *12
SAMDPR South Africa!
here in connection with "Rocket Lady"
bred from "Rocket"
1e National Ace All Holland
OLd Birds NPO 1999
probably the best racing and breeding
pigeon of all time
Father to "Dragon Rocket"
Grandfather to "Rocketeer"
Mother: "Mysty"
Father: "Rocket Man"
2nd - 430 miles, 6494 bds
2nd - 180 miles 1465 bds
18th- 250 rniles 1926 bds
44th- 250 miles 1020 bds
here in connection with "Gaby's Best"
bred from "Rudy"
"Rudy" Father of "Super Romeo"
1. Nat. Asduif Fond Jährige KBDB 2013
Father of "New Bliksem"
1. Nat. Tulle 5731 Tauben.