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B 13 2192956WAbst

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"Caz 578"

Cazacu Mihai Team

Erfolgreiche Ergebnise auf OLR!
28e Final Balkan Fair Play 518 km
57e Semifinal BFP
Hlafsister 1e Final Euro Alpin OLR 2013

Father: "Rolffy"
Super Star Breading Loft tata:
1e Final Euro Alpin "13
4e Semifinal Turkgucu "14
3e HS 3 Honest Race "16
5e HS 1 F.Orheiului '14
10e HS 2 Balkanic F. P '16
11e HS 1 and 13 HS 3
Euro Alpin OLR 2014
16e S-final Turkgucu '15
17e S-final Honest Race'16
2e HS 2 BFP 2018
28e Final BFP 2019 ....
Bred out "Basti II" x "Mother Rolffy"
In Linie In Linie Hallmann
/ Schaerleekens / Waldow

Mother: "Bjarne 156"
Father: Full brother to "Blue River"
"Blue River" SAMDPR Grand Average
As pigeon 2012 Prize: $ 3000! Top!
Bred out: The "11-354" wins the international
MVL-CUP race in Denmark the 17th prize!
here in connection with The "153"
was won by the international race
in Denmark the 11th prize.
Mother: "To. Bjarne"
The "887" flies the 33rd prize itself
at the international race in Denmark 2012 !!!!!
Bred out "Bjarne"
The "154" won the international race
10th prize in Denmark.
x here in connection with "Daughter Locco"
1st National from Brive against 16,813 pigeons!
 x sister of father Locco.
Locco was best Pigeon over 5 national
fund flights 2009 !!!!
The father was B-05-4333360V
Sold to China for € 250,000!