RO-19-206605 W

B 13 2192956WAbst

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Winner Super Derby
Fast Pigeon Rimini Race Mola di Bari
1e Super Derby 501 km
30e Final Race F.C.I. 400 km
82e Hot Spot 1 + As

Father:"Son Mr. Dream"
bred out "Mr. Dream"
Superson of "Last Baby" x Daugther Dromer
Became father of:
6th. price HOT SPOT race, int. One-Loft-Race
daugth. 12-581 won
9th. 500 km 2083 p.
here in connection with "Chinese Girl"
your father is "1e Algarve 2015"
Mother: "Mombasa"
Extrem OLR 2016:
6e Final 607 km
3e ACE Pigeon
Father: "440"
bred out "Paolo"
Full brother "Maremola 691"
x "15-2095"
Mother: "175"
Top Pigeon Bred out "588"
Brother: 18-14422
2e vs. 2998 Pigeons
x "326"
"175" flies:
3e Fond Club 2015
3e Fond Club 2016
7e Nat. UCPR Expo
Fondpalmares 2016

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