IT-19-9026411 V

0507 17 725VAbst

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"Bell Mamba"

Ervin Laro

Father: "Black Mamba"
Father to IT-18-411627
4e Final Race 500 km Corabia Winter
Very Strong Race 7 Pigeons
Arrived the first Day
8e Semifinale 300 km
Very Strong Race
Father to 1e Final Race
Bred out "Olympic Lampo" x
"Daughter Monopoli"
Mother: "Belba"
Mother to 13e final Race Thailand
F.C.I. 400 km 2016
3e AC-Pigeon
Mother to 123996-16
2e S.M. Di Leuca 688 km
Mother to
42e Final Race Cuza Voda 525 km
73e Semifinal Darabani 515 km
Corabica FCI 2018
133e final race Golden Algarve 2018
bred out "Ulise" in Linie Heremans
x "Kld. Jonny" from Fabriani Rolando & A