AU 2017 GFL-97 V


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"Sun Master"

Orig. Ganus Fam. Loft USA

Father:"Sun City Ganus Loft 85"
Father to two 1e Place
South African Million Dollar
Final Race Winners!
SUN CITY. Father to South Africa
Sun City Million Dollar Race 1st place winner - RUBBELLOS.
I was there that year for the race and saw RUBBELLOS
arrive by herself more than 3 minutes ahead of all the rest
of the birds.
Mother:"Golden Nugget"
Breed out "Said in Spun Silver"
2 Place Winner *12
SAMDPR South Africa!
SAID IN SPUN SILVER. Winning 2nd Place
South Africa Million Dollar race!
combined with "Untamed Desert"
Winner of the final race covering 553 km with
2,753 birds competing SAMDPR South Africa!
Ton Kovel
Mother is Schouder Duif, part of the round of
youngsters Eijerkamp purchased at HeremansCeusters
in 2006, she won 16 prize cards from 16
long distance races and was crowned 16th Nat. ace
bird over 3 years of racing (2007-2009).