AU 2018 EASLEY-8949 V


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"Special 8949"

Ken Easley Racing Pigeons

Fahter: "Rene"
5th prize 306 miles 2434 birds SAMDPR 2017.
1st South Africa. Land together w/ 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
lnbred Dr. Gavin Rous line that was 2nd prize
SAMDPR and from From Jannie Nel
-Famous Bloomfontein pair bred 80 plus club race winners.
bred out "Father Rene" Inbred Grizzeles
x "Janni Nel"
Mother: "Dino"
7th Prize 505 km 3644 birds.
5th Grand Average winner 5800 birds.
Portugals Golden Algarve 2016
bred out "Regional Winner"
x "Breeding Hen"